Obolenskaya Elena Alexandrovna

Registration number 77/14919 in the register of lawyers of the city of Moscow.

Obolenskaya Elena Alexandrovna Best Lawyers in Moscow, Russia.


Criminal specialization.

Prior to practicing law, she worked as an investigator in law enforcement agencies in Moscow, which gave me experience and knowledge in the field of criminal proceedings. In criminal practice, I can say that any person experiences stress from being in law enforcement, so he needs professional advice and support to protect his rights and interests from a lawyer who knows the specifics of the criminal process.

I would especially like to note that a greater number of arrests and investigative actions are carried out at night, which refers to the stress resistance of citizens, who, being in a shock situation and with the aim of release, often agree to give testimony beneficial for the investigation, which later plays a "cruel joke" for our clients. Since all your testimonies recorded in the protocols of investigative actions are used as evidence against you, so it is better to refuse to testify.

Qualified help is sometimes needed not only for persons who are suspected or accused of committing a crime, but also for those who are summoned for interrogation as a witness, since your fate sometimes depends on your testimony and the situation in a criminal case, often investigators are trusted and first receive testimony from you as a witness, and then they can change the status from a witness to a suspect, and in the future, on the testimony given as a witness, they base the accusation. Therefore, I strongly recommend giving testimony as a witness together with a lawyer.

Also, victims of crimes in order to defend their rights may need the help of a lawyer, because the rights of victims are often violated by the actions of law enforcement agencies.

In addition, when conducting operational-search measures (public) and pre-investigation checks (conducting surveys, obtaining explanations, conducting searches, examinations, etc.), you already have the right to the assistance of a lawyer invited by you (as well as by your relatives or friends).

By civilian specialization.

This specialization is huge in the legal field, so here it is important to carefully study your situation, weigh all the pros and cons, in order for you to be provided with real legal assistance in drafting statements of claim, complaints and conducting business. As the saying goes: "there are no hopeless situations"! However, if your problem can be resolved out of court, or only requires consultation, you will know about it right away, since my priorities are to help the principal, and not to make a profit. By contacting me, you will receive qualified assistance to protect your rights.

For these reasons, attempts to independently resolve legal issues can lead to loss of time, large material losses, and these are not the worst consequences. Therefore, if a problem arises, the most rational thing is to immediately contact a qualified and experienced specialist.