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Izmailovsky court decision gr. S. was returned to the property of her two-room apartment. The contract of sale of this apartment was terminated , and three subsequent sales transactions were recognized by the court as not concluded. Judicial practice on recognition of transactions not concluded is extremely rare, in this case, the decision in the Moscow city court is left in force. Grandma returned the apartment "on a plate" & nbsp;example 1

By the decision of the Lefortovo court , Galkin (I on the part of the defendant) was denied the claim, in which he asked to recognize the refusal to privatize the apartment invalid, because he is mentally ill. The court ordered a psychiatric examination, the plaintiff was indeed recognized as mentally ill , but the claim for recognition of ownership of a part of the apartment was denied to him for missing the Statute of limitations (ie according to our statement about it).& nbsp;Example 2

GSK of the Moscow city court agreed with my arguments, canceled the decision of the Meshchansky court of Moscow to deny the claim to Isaev.& nbsp;Example:

the Izmailovsky court of Moscow preserved the right of residence of my principal Remizova, although she did not live in the apartment for many years, but we proved to the court that there were good reasons.& nbsp;A4

the counsel asked the representatives of the mini plant (the " plant ") with an offer to represent its interests in court of the Moscow region, when you return from illegal possession of land formed from land belonging by right of permanent (perpetual) use Factory.
land plot of the plant  it passed the cadastral registration in 2000, and the right to it was registered in the same year in accordance with the procedure established by law (hereinafter – "the plot").
the boundaries of the Site were not set in accordance with the law. In order to eliminate this circumstance, the Factory formed a boundary plan specifying the boundaries of the Site and submitted the rest of the documents to the Cadastral chamber.
the Cadastral chamber, by its decision, refused to make changes to the cadastral registration data due to the intersection of the boundaries of the Site with the borders of other sites formed from the plant Site.
as representatives of the plant were able to find out later, the disputed land plots were formed on the basis of resolutions of the Head of the municipal district M. O., then put on cadastral registration and leased to individuals.< br> the Lawyer, having studied the materials provided, prepared a legal position.
 the plant's requirements were fully satisfied by the decisions of the Moscow region city court that Entered into force.
< br>the Disputed plots were also claimed from the illegal possession of individuals with whom the Administration had concluded lease agreements.

This way, more than 5 hectares of land in the Odintsovo district returned into the possession of the Factories


Gagarinsky. Konyshev
Previously, the sanction of this article was from seven years of imprisonment, the court applied article 64 of the criminal code, imposing a sentence below the lowest limit, and we did not have a birth certificate, there was only a photocopy, but the court took it into account, that is, heard my arguments.& nbsp;Example: < /a>

the Lublin court of Moscow appointed Buludov under article 162 part 2 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation three years of imprisonment, despite the fact that B. was previously tried, that is, the court took into account the arguments of the lawyer.& nbsp;Example: < /a>

by the preliminary investigation Authorities V. was accused of committing a crime under article 228 part 2 of the criminal code of the Russian Federation (possession of narcotic drugs without the purpose of selling in large size).& nbsp;

Lawyer (Rosadvocat.ru) accepted an order to protect the interests of the client at the preliminary investigation and in court. In the course of working with the client, the lawyer managed to convince him to undergo voluntary drug treatment.& nbsp;

at the time of the case in court B. he continued to undergo treatment for drug addiction. At the hearing, the lawyer presented medical documents about B.'s course of treatment, as well as other characteristic material on the client. 
& nbsp;
Result-the Court agreed with the lawyer's position and imposed a three-year suspended sentence with a three-year probation period.& nbsp;

Presnensky and Golovinsky courts on Dubovsky (2 sentences) and the appeal of the Moscow city court on It.
the Presnensky court of Moscow Dubovsky was sentenced under article 161 of the criminal code – conditional, he was also sentenced under article 213 part 1, article 112 of the criminal code - to three years of probation, later the Zamoskvoretsky court of Moscow he was sentenced under article 158 part 2 of the criminal code To two years of imprisonment and attached a suspended sentence two previous sentences, finally – 4 years in prison. However, the USC of the Moscow city court on my complaint changed this sentence, leaving really 2 years of imprisonment, and suspended sentences left to serve independently. I think this result is positive.& nbsp;Example: < /a>;Example 7.2< / a>;

the Preobrazhensky court of Moscow determined the shortest term for my client (one of the three accused), because I chose the correct position – my client did not give evidence in court, using article 51 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation.& nbsp;Example:
ARBITRATION CASES< / b>< / span>< / span>< / div>
JSC "Intercom" is the first and only specialized organization tasked with organizing and conducting reconstruction of Moscow transport facilities. The company also acts as a General Contractor and contractor in Russia and abroad (Romania, Prague, )

the Company is under constant legal service; our lawyers Rosadvocat.ru.

the Essence of the arbitration dispute: the Office of the Federal Migration service in Moscow issued a number of decisions on bringing JSC "Intercom" to responsibility for attracting foreign citizens who do not have a work permit in Moscow for a total of 9 million 200 thousand rubles. The lawyer formulated and implemented a legal position that allowed the Moscow Arbitration court to recognize all the decisions as illegal.

what is important: & nbsp;Judicial practice is such that it is almost impossible to challenge such decisions. There are isolated cases of such decisions being declared illegal.< br>RESULT & nbsp; Prevention of paying a large fine (8,000,000 rubles). the remaining money was transferred back.                                

the Prosecutor General's office granted my request and gr. he was released from custody and his extradition was refused.Example:
the Moscow city court released gr. Bulidze, stopped proceedings in an administrative case on bringing him to administrative responsibility by the Preobrazhenskiy court for violating migration rules under the administrative Code of the Russian Federation.
the Moscow city court granted my complaint in the administrative case of Matveev instead of 10 Days of administrative arrest, limited to 4 days that he had already served before the case was considered in the Moscow city court.
Gagarinsky court of the Moscow traffic police refused to revoke Plugar's driver's license, took my position. Example = ; and nbsp;example:.