Romanova Tamara Aleksandrovna

Romanova Tamara, lawyer, criminal defense attorney, are also involved in conducting civil and arbitration cases. I provide legal services to individuals and organizations., as well as special objects including police officers.

Registration number 77/6796 in the register of lawyers of the city of Moscow. Experience of more than 30 years .

Moscow, Krasnodonskaya str., 5


Legal service at the highest level

What will the client get if they contact me? Legal services of a lawyer with a good education and extensive experience. Moreover, this experience is expressed not just in many years of experience, but in a large number of very specific cases won.

When representing a large company or individual in court , I make every effort to ensure that the case is resolved in favor of my client.

In my work, I am guided by the following principles:

  • full involvement in the client's business, regardless of the scale of the problem;
  • accuracy and punctuality;
  • democratic communication style.

Why you may need a lawyer

Our life is regulated by a huge number of laws. At the same time, new legal acts are constantly being adopted and changes are being made to existing ones. It is almost impossible to understand this sea of information without special training, especially given the problem of interpreting laws written in a specific language. There is also such a concept as a conflict – a situation when the provisions of normative acts contradict each other.

For these reasons, attempts to resolve legal issues independently can lead to loss of time and large material losses, and these are not the worst consequences. Therefore, if a problem occurs, the most rational thing is to immediately contact a qualified and experienced specialist.