International law

- help for foreigners

— Legal support of foreign economic transactions

< span style= " font-size: 18px;">Oral and written advice to residents and non-residents of the Russian Federation on foreign economic activities. Preparation of necessary documents on issues related to foreign economic activity. Legal support in interaction with customs authorities

— Representation of principals in international commercial arbitration, in the courts of foreign States


providing Legal support to legal entities in international commercial arbitration, as well as assistance in representing interests in foreign courts in the framework of Property Law, Land Law, Tort Law and Intellectual Property Law

— Enforcement of decisions of foreign courts in Russia and decisions of Russian courts abroad

we Support Ghost lawsuits in enforcement of foreign court decisions on the territory of the Russian Federation and court decisions, rendered on the territory of the Russian Federation, in foreign courts

— Accreditation and support of activities of representative offices and branches of foreign organizations in Russia


we Provide legal assistance in obtaining accreditation (its extension) of representative offices and branches of foreign legal entities, registration with the pension Fund, social insurance Fund, registration of foreign legal entities

— Providing legal assistance to clients on international law issues through extensive partnership with foreign law firms

< span style= " font-size:18px;">Representing individuals and businesses in all States of the United States, great Britain, Australia and other countries

Property Law

Advising on the regulation of property relations (Real Estate Law and Personal Property). Support of legal proceedings to restore violated property rights (freehold, leasehold) of individuals and legal entities - claims recovery of land, tresspass, nuisance

Land Law

Legal support in matters related to real estate: disputes over real estate rights, disputes under Zoning Law (Public Land Use Planning) and other

Intellectual Property Law

legal Support for trademark revocation (cancellation), the protection of copyright (copyright) and patent rights (patents)

Tort Law

Consultations on the issues of damages, penalties, penalties under English and American law. Legal support in this area

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